Monday, December 5, 2016

Contexts & Agents

Structures within the lifeworld of context inspire agents to act. Brackets formally constructed within this lifeworld are also known as time. The bracket to the left is the start of context, the bracket to the right, the end. The expanse between brackets is viewed as space. Space is filled with systems, structures, movement, and language.

Democracy is system and shape. Bureaucracy is time. The building blocks of social function is structured within frameworks. Frameworks are operated within and enacted upon by agents. Agents are motivated to move and speak with intention. The agent's agency is dependent on access. Contexts provide the building blocks of structure and are on par with agents. Agents have reciprocal relationships with their environs.

There is no hierarchy.

Thirdspace is place[d] between space and time. "Thirding," exists within brackets, is egalitarian, cooperative, limitless, spontaneous, and situated on a three-dimensionally expansive grid subject only to the laws of nature.

There is a catalyst.

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