Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The Prosthetic Memory:  Brute. Brutal. Brutish.  Remembering an Utterance Never Voiced, Felt, Lived, nor Experienced.

Deliberation of a Nugatory Explicandum.

Deliberation occurs: after

Discovering/Releasing/Revealing a Partially Excavated Protuberance.

Its foresight, or hindsight, indistinguishable from earliest inception to maturation.

The hand was found thus: still clasping, thus.  [THUS].  ...until rigor mortis entered up left.

A Prophetic Utterance:  Spoke atop the steps leaving achter to the right side arriving thus: "They did leave.  They did arrive.  They arrived and left at once."  Not six days and fourteen hours until the next disturbance furrowed podia on which they stood.

Misled by their ability to tell them from them; settled by the unsettling monotonous hum drum drumming, fiddler fiddling and fidgeting through incalculable formations, presented himself, thus:

Not understanding the formations, uttering credence to an already questionable belief, he/they (or someone), stepped into the accepted mode of efferent projection.